about the artist..

I create because it's essential, and exciting in a way nothing else is: It completes who I am and frees me. You may be able to glimpse themes of escape; dreams of much larger ideas and places within my imagery of infinite horizons and whirling cosmos. I collect words and stories which enrich the abstract narratives that can be felt weaving in and out, above and below my pieces. Embrace the current and slip off to elsewhere. 

I studied for my Fine Art degree at Falmouth College of Arts, in Cornwall after completing a foundation year at Bournville, Birmingham School of Art, West Midlands.

The ocean has always drawn me to it; the horizons, the space, the colours; it's ever changing state and ability to inhabit every facet of your soul. I discovered the philosophies of The Sublime at university - the fine line between extremes; dark and light, love and hate, fear and exhilaration; and spent my time between the docks, the beach, the library and my studio. I also discovered the magical alchemical chromatography of black writing ink, water and bleach.

All is not Lost is so called, not only because I use found materials whose potential is often undervalued and overlooked, but also, because 'All' really is never lost and it's helpful to remember that each day this life throws at us!

Enjoy my work and don't hesitate to get in contact about buying, licensing or commissioning an original piece. All ideas welcome however big or small..

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers for reading,