About the art..

Hannah Pugh, the designer maker behind ‘All Is Not Lost art’, infuses raw textiles and paper with bleach and ink, layering gold leaf, graphite and cotton. 

She gilds, prints, embroiders, splashes and stains; overlaying processes and techniques to manipulate mundane, everyday ingredients; building the rich, varied, unpredictable qualities that evoke All Is Not Lost’s ‘ inimitable alchemical style’.

Artistry, science and serendipity lead her process – atmosphere-laden scapes emerging from her surfaces, their horizons drawing you elsewhere.

'An emotive sense of place flows through my work, I draw inspiration from ideas of escape and belonging; physically and within yourself, the ocean and space, and our intrinsic, unquantifiable connection to them.

 I let the materials lead me and find great satisfaction in balancing their unpredictable organic chaos with elements of control and order; breathing actuality into the abstract, narrative into the space.

Balance plays an important part in my process; adding bleach to the ink is like shining a light into the dark, finding what was lost. Equally, without acknowledgement of darkness, the qualities of light could never be wholly appreciated.'

"All is not lost, the unconquerable will... the courage never to submit or yield." John Milton

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