Celestial Wedding Style from The Lane

Celestial Light— Wedding Theme Inspiration

Lovely curation of images from The Lane style blog including Liminal by Hannah Pugh at All Is Not Lost.

Tune: “Make a spark, break the dark, find a light with me. Who we are chasing stars, won’t you dance with me?” - Oh Wonder, Lose It (play song in gallery below)

Mood: Luminous, Sensual, Flickering, Gold Dusted, Magical, Fleeting

Palette: Gold, Deep Plum, Black, Rose, Iridescent Silver, Champagne, Dusky Lilac

Decor/Styling:  Weaving together luminous threads of silver and gold, dusky tints and darkly lit spaces, drawing the night sky downwards captured momentarily in a play of dancing light and celestial, starry canopies to illuminate sequinned gowns and gold dusted dance floors.

Metallic edged paperware hints of things to come…a magical juxtaposition of darkness and light, a mysterious and enchanting mood underpinned by candlelit ceremonial spaces and reception tablescapes cascading with plum tinted blooms. Elevated to a setting of celestial opulence, hints of crystal and gold, champagne, figs and blackberries permeate, complimenting a decadent, deeply perfumed menu. 

Bridesmaids are adorned in personal selections of of black lace, finished with deeply tinted lips and celestially scattered hair. Groomsmen adopt a collective assortment of velvet dinner jackets and semiprecious cufflinks over black tuxedo trousers and crisp french cuffed shirts. Collectively, the mood is darkly ethereal, both deeply feminine and masculine. An entirely unique take on black tie, befitting a starlit mood.   

Re-Create this look:  Lee Grebenau Coral Gown / Costarellos Black Lace Gown / Casey Tanswell Burton French Lace Gown / Saint Laurent Black Velvet Tuxedo Jacket / Anna Sheffield Bea Suite No. 07 / Lunessa Gypsy Star Champagne Diamond Ring / By Charlotte First Star Necklace / Tutu Du Monde Star Studded Tutu Dress / Cocolux Exotic Amber & Spice Brass Candle / Bliss & Bone Gwyn Gold Invitation Suite / Silk & Willow Plum Napkins

Celestial Light featuring Liminal by Hannah Pugh at All Is Not Lost

Celestial Light featuring Liminal by Hannah Pugh at All Is Not Lost