House of Tai-Ping: International Carpet Collaboration

It’s not often you encourage people to walk all over your art, but when House of Tai Ping, international interior designer of floor coverings for luxury yachts and complexes suggests one of your pieces be turned into a carpet... that changes.

Currently Liminal II is being walked over by 1000's of people everyday and night, having winged it’s way to the southern hemisphere, eventually landing on the floor of the newly refurbished Canterbury League Club in Sydney, Australia. (Incidentally the home of The Bulldogs Aussie football team, who I went to see at the ANZ stadium whilst travelling. I'm not generally known for my sporting enthusiasm, but I do like a beer and a good chant - good times.)

I find it fascinating how an artwork can be translated from one media to another, from one function to another.. From ink, bleach and paper to millions of weaved strands, on another scale entirely! All Is Not Lost was never conceived with thoughts of carpet design, and yet such is the universal appeal of a strong image - it works.

With thanks to House of Tai Ping carpets renowned team of makers, All Is Not Lost's Liminal II joins the ranks of their other exquisite carpets and rugs.

And now, here’s a little known fact on the theme of carpets .. Did you know that in every new Wetherspoons pub across the country that the carpet design is unique? A bespoke piece of art..

“With more than 900 pubs, that is a lot of carpet. All of our new pub carpets are individually designed, some with details to reflect aspects of the buildings’ history or local area.”

The Guardian, The Telegraph, Buzzfeed and The Metro have all written articles about the world of Wetherspoon carpets.