Fire: Elements Reverie.

Fire: Elements Reverie.


Light from dark. Life from death. The unpredictable nature of fire and it's unquantifiable beauty, captured. Shards of sunlight slice through shadow creating dancing mirages. Never the same.

Original, framed wall-hanging, part of All Is Not Lost's Reverie Collection.

Raw canvas infused with ink, bleach and copper metallic pigment.

A dynamic piece full of energy and movement, dramatic contrasts in light and shade, a beautiful example of the interplay between materials.

Prints also available.

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Original canvas wall-hanging.

160cm x 130cm

Bespoke white wood frame, no glass, to let the texture and subtlety of the materials and palette shine.

Ready to hang. (I do advise that you don't hang this piece in direct sunlight.)

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Prints also available.